It is now being recognized more strongly that the pollution in our environment greatly impacts the human health besides myriad other effects on the biodiversity on Earth. Nearly half of our health problems can be attributed to the pollutants in environment that may be visible or invisible, and are of physical, chemical or of microbiological origin. The role of industries, production units, vehicles, transportation in this pollution is well recognized but the contribution from other everyday activities like agriculture, food production and preservation, restaurants and hotels, use of computers and electronic devices and pharmaceuticals is less well appreciated.

Even less well appreciated is the effect of Electromagnetic Fields on human health. This has become an important topical issue for debate and discussion especially with reports from IARC on ill effects from EMF exposure from use of mobile telephony and base towers. The anxiety thus created needs to be addressed in equal measure.

In this context, we had an  “International Conference on Electro-Magnetic Emissions from the mobile phones and handsets and its health impact on 07 April, 2016, followed by an “International Workshop for research on the possible impact of EMF Radiation Exposure” on 08 and 09 April, 2016, both in New Delhi. This activity was organised jointly by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, in association with our Health Environment Foundation.  Along side Professor Shankar Prakirya from IIT, Delhi, Professor naresh Gupta was an  integral part of the Organizing Committee. The latter is working as Director Professor in the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and is the Founder President, Health Environment Foundation. Like previous time, it was also a focused theme, with discussions and deliberations by the International and National experts of great repute.

We at Health Environment Foundation had earlier organized an International Symposium on Impact of Chemical Exposure on Health and Environment at MAMC, New Delhi from 16th to 18th December 2015. Prior to this, we carried-out a few projects on prevention of exposure to lead in environment and ‘Lead-Free Kids’ with World Health Organization, SEARO, New Delhi in 2014.

Health Environment Foundation is also active in conducting regular public awareness and educational programmes. The Advisory Council, India International Centre has recently mandated Health Environment Foundation with conducting a series of programmes in the coming year at IIC, New Delhi.

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