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On the morning of Monday 6th June 2016, we had a great live phone-in programme on Environment Pollution and its Impact on Health.on the State-run Radio Channel called Swasthya Sanjinivi which went on air 7:05 AM in the morning of 06 June 2016. It is a widely popular programme with a loyal and dedicated audience.

Professor Dr. Naresh Gupta, Director- Professor, MAMC, New Delhi, and President, Health Environment Foundation took all the questions from a dozen callers who asked questions/ raised issues on Environment and its health Impact in their own regions- mostly the rural and suburban population from States neighbouring Delhi.

The issues were wide ranging: micro-level pollution of indoor air from wood burning/ Chulla cooking stove, smoke from pukka (sisha)/ bidi smoking which is indigenous to India, passive smoking, air and vehicular pollution, faecal contamination of water, fluorosis community in a far-off village in Bikaner and how is the water contamination addressed, effects of Reverse-osmosis systems on health, perceptions of babool tree’s  negative impact on farming, health implications of use of chemical manes & fertilisers, leaf & crop burning, health effects of noise pollution, skin problems from UV radiation, impacts of big-space constructions, and the issues relating to sharing of the responsibility amongst the stakeholders for improving our environment. And the issue of pollution of culture! There was also talk on impacts of environment & lifestyle on respiratory diseases including bronchial asthma and on cardiovascular diseases.

It was indeed a pleasure to be part of this and be connected in this manner with the common man in the interiors. Especially remarkable was their awareness and the breadth of issues they could raise in matter of health effects of environmental pollution.

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